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  • Codenames: Pictures - Board Games

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    Codenames: Pictures

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    What are those strange pictures on the table? Those are codes of the locations where spies are located!

    Two rival heads of the secret service know which spy is present in a location. They deliver coded messages telling the secret agents where to go for their secret encounters. Secret agents must be smart and sharp. An incorrect analysis of the code could mean they accidentally come into contact with an enemy spy or even an assassin!

    Both teams must make contact with all their spies as quickly as possible. There can only be one winner.

    • 14 spy cards in two suits
    • 1 double spy card
    • 4 innocent bystander cards
    • 1 assassin card
    • 60 key cards
    • 1 game rules
    • 1 card standard
    • 140 cards with 280 pictures

    Fully in Dutch. For 2-8 players ages 10 and up. Game time approx. 15 minutes.

    Product information
    ConditionNew / sealed
    PublisherWhite Goblin Games
    Age rating8

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