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  • Lyttle Wood - Board Games

    Lyttle Wood

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    As the days grow shorter, more and more small animals deviate from the path due to the dense undergrowth. In search of valuable food, these little brave heroes venture further and further into the forest. The animals do this not only for the delicacies but also to show whose gang can be called the king of the forest. The one who is the most successful and can stand up to the other gangs can stock up on supplies and prepare for winter...

    Players collect gang cards with different values. If you have two or more cards of the same gang, you can lay them down in front of you. You immediately get a prey card in return. The prey card and your gang cards can earn you points at the end of the game. But you still have a long way to go. If an opponent lays down more cards of that type than you currently have, you lose your set of cards. The game ends when one of the stockpiles or a draw pile is empty. The player with the most points at that time wins the game.

    Box contents:

    • 110 Gang cards
    • 18 Prey cards
    • Rulebook

    Both in Dutch and English.

    For 2-4 players aged 7 and above. Playing time approximately 20 minutes.

    Product information
    ConditionNew / sealed
    PublisherWhite Goblin Games
    Age rating7

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