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  • Diplomacy - Board Games


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    The Avalon Hill Diplomacy cooperative board game is a game of negotiation, cunning, and deceit. Through making deals and forming alliances, you'll expand your empire over pre-World War I Europe. You'll have to watch your back as you make and break deals, un-hatch traitorous plots, negotiate, and outwit others to gain dominance of the continent. It's a strategy game in which players must rely on their own cunning and cleverness, not the luck of the dice, to determine the outcome. It's a great choice for those who love multi-player strategy games, European political games, and cooperative board games.

    Included in the box is the following:

    • 315 playing pieces including
      • 84 fleets
      • 84 armies
      • 147 control markers
    • Gameboard
    • Map pad
    • Rulebook

    For 2 to 7 players ages 12 and up. May take up to 360 (6 hours) minutes to complete a game. Completely in English.

    Product information
    ConditionNew / sealed
    Age rating12

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