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  • Unlock! 10: Spel Avonturen - Escape Room Spel - Board Games

    Unlock! 10: Spel Avonturen - Escape Room Spel

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    unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms, spaces from which you have to escape within 60 minutes. unlock! now let you live this experience at home at your own table with a card deck and a free app that guides you through the various scenarios.

    Search the rooms, match objects and solve all the puzzles! Work well together to solve the adventure. This is the tenth release of Unlock! The game contains the three exciting adventures:

    1. Ticket To Ride - Outsmart the railroad tycoons on an exhilarating journey across the United States.

    2. Mysterium - Step into Warwick Castle for a dark and dreamlike investigation.

    3. Pandemic Humanity - is threatened by an epidemic. The future depends on you and your team of experts.

    Product information
    ConditionNew / sealed
    PublisherSpace Cowboys
    Age rating10

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